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West looks over Syria shoulder to Iran intervention

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Political analyst Chris Bambery says many countries want to take over and use the popular revolution in Syria

Indefinite Detention: Architecture of fascist state

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The military will be able to take custody of alleged terrorists virtually without question

Nigel Farage: Bully Boys in Brussels Building Europrison

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Nigel Farage, MEP and leader of the UK independence party, says the hands of Eurozone strugglers are tied while they are trapped within the bloc

Academi of War: Blackwater back in Iraq for a little greenback

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Profitable opportunity for the world’s most infamous mercenary company – Blackwater

US launched unnecessary war in Iraq

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Interview with Eugene Bird, former US diplomat

Man of Mass Destruction? – RT challenges Iraq War architect

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Richard Perle is considered one of the most controversial figures in US politics


Democracy Now! 2011-12-14 Wednesday

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Russia’s Putin Faces Unprecedented Challenge as Tens of Thousands Protest Electoral Fraud Tens of thousands of Russians filled…

Bankers & bosses drive EU down Great Depression road

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Historian and author, Neil Faulkner, thinks that there was no agreement possible that would have pleased the British government just because there’s no such thing as Britain


Democracy Now! 2011-12-13 Tuesday

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Ex-Salt Lake Mayor Rocky Anderson, Former Democrat, Launches Third Party 2012 Bid Against Obama, GOP A new political…

Bahrain Revolution-News Analysis

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Many Bahrainis are asking: Is anyone spared in this Saudi led crackdown on the people of Bahrain?

Bullets & bombs ‘humanitarian assistance’ to help Syria?

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New fights have erupted in the northwest


Democracy Now! 2011-12-12 Monday

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Climate Activists: Durban Deal is “Very Weak” Agreement, Lacks “Ambition, Equity, Justice” The United Nations Climate Change Conference…

Eviction Addiction: OWS vs drones, LRADs & undercover agents

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Last three months have seen a lot of police activity, with tactics changing several times against an entirely non-violent protest movement

Press TV News Bulletin 12.12.2011 08:00

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Press TV reports on the latest news headlines from around the world

RT: Last day of Soviet Union

Stabbing the Empire: Last day of Soviet Union

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The fate of the great conglomerate country was decided in less than 24 hours

LIVE STREAM Historic Event for Mumia Abu Jamal

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LIVE STREAM WILL BEGIN AT APPROXIMATELY 7 PM, DEC. 9 – LIVE STREAM beginnt gegen 01.00 Uhr MEZ (von Freitag auf Samstag)

Mumia Abu Jamal 30 Years

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This marks 30 years of unjust incarceration for an innocent man on death row


Democracy Now! 2011-12-09 Friday

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U.S. Publicly Shifts Climate Stance in Face of Widespread Criticism – Then Quietly Backtracks Talks at the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Durban

Gaza Under Fire: Israel air assault claims civilian lives

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Professor Hani Al-Basoos of the Islamic University of Gaza, says Israel kills Palestinians with no respect for international law

Nigel Farage: Escape Euro Prison!

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Britain and Hungary refused to accept EU-wide treaty changes