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Riot Wrong: FOX fakes Moscow protest with Athens clashes

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The images are not from Russia, they’re from Greece!


Democracy Now! 2011-12-08 Thursday

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Philadelphia prosecutors have announced they will no longer seek the death penalty for the imprisoned journalist and former Black Panther Mumia Abu-Jamal

Golden Sachs dictatorship – Hitler’s dream

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The British Prime Minister warned he wouldn’t agree to anything which damaged the UK’s role in the European market

Escobar: US can’t launch Arab Spring in Russia

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„US-Russia reset in relations is dead because of Washington’s pressure on Moscow“


Democracy Now! 2011-12-07 Wednesday

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Hopes Fade for Binding Climate Deal as Durban Summit Enters Final Stages We are broadcasting from Durban, South…

Occupation Nation: US cops serve & protect the 1%

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A lawmaker has already called for an investigation into claims of police misconduct in dealing with activists

Police arrest 300 at another opposition protest in Moscow

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About 300 people have been detained


Democracy Now! 2011-12-06 Tuesday

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At Durban Summit, Leading African Activist Calls U.S. Emissions Stance “A Death Sentence for Africa” We continue…


Democracy Now! 2011-12-05 Monday

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Thousands March at U.N. Climate Summit in Durban to Demand Climate Justice We are broadcasting this week…


Democracy Now! 2011-12-02 Friday

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Martina Correia, 1967-2011: Led Struggle to Save Brother Troy Davis’ Life as She Fought for Her Own The Georgia…