Palestinian Authority becomes Palestinian State

UN-granted title "State of Palestine"

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T he Palestinian Authority announces they are publically changing their name from Authority to State.
They will do this by changing all official government papers to Palestinian state while asking all diplomatic missions around the world to use the new name including those countries who didn’t vote Yes at the U-N General Assembly.

Hamas are endorsing this move although they don’t believe this will be enough to change the facts on the ground.
Foqahe further explained the importance of the reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah.

Palestinian Authority becomes Palestinian State

Some countries have adopted this name change such as Brazil, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Honduras. Unsurprisingly the Israeli regime has dismissed the name change, stating it was pointless, although they haven’t stated that they would take any punitive measures against the Palestinians.

The Palestinian authority is now using the newly UN-granted title “State of Palestine” on all its official documents. But, human rights groups say this is not enough.
They want the government to file a complaint against Israel at the International Criminal Court as a more effective move against the regime.

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