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Martin Luther King: I Have a Dream - Barack Obama: I Have Guantánamo

Day 150: Guantánamo hunger strike continues amidst world’s outrage

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Largest strike in the camp’s 11-year history

CrossTalk: Imperial Presidency

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Has Barack Obama turned the US into a police state?

100 Days of Guantánamo Hunger Strike

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There’s no end in sight to the protest

Guantánamo: Torture & desperation with no end in sight

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Violent clashes with several inmates

Guantánamo black mark on US, absurd & lawless

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Detainees’ lawyers maintain it’s more than one hundred in hunger strike

Guantánamo hunger strike – Inmates cough blood, could go blind

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Military censorship makes it quite difficult to access any information

USA: Globalizing Torture

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54 countries helped CIA to kidnap, detain & torture

USA: Antifaschisten demonstrieren für Schliessung von Guantánamo

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Obamas Versprechen nur heisse Luft

Guantánamo: Torture & drones ‘new normal’ for USA

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Public opinion in the US relies more on fiction, than fact

Death at Guantánamo: A place for ‘human beings with no rights’

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RT talks to Ryan Dawson, co-author of Why Peace

CIA acquitted of killing and torturing prisoners

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Alison Weir from the US-based think-tank the Council for the National Interest

Julian Assange’s The World Tomorrow: Moncef Marzouki

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Torture and the West’s double standards on the issue is indeed one of the hottest topics in this episode of the show

Mumia Abu-Jamal exclusive to RT

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Thank you for fighting for me and let’s fight together to be free

Bradley Manning – Wikileaks scandal, embarrassing for US

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PressTV has conducted an interview with Michael Maloof, former Pentagon official

Weak-a-Link: Manning trial warning for whistleblowers?

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Bradley Manning faces 22 counts, for his alleged leaking of classified material to the website Wikileaks


Democracy Now! 2012-01-17 Tuesday

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Wikipedia, Reddit to Shut Down Sites Wednesday to Protest Proposed Stop Online Piracy Act

The NDAA – Just one more link in the chain of tyranny

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Each year, the United States Department of Defense budget and expenditures are approved by Congress, which must pass a National Defense Authorization Act in order to fund the DoD – by James Corbett (Global Research TV)

USA: Obama contradicts laws with promises

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PressTV has conducted an interview with Paul Wolf, human rights & international lawyer


Democracy Now! 2012-01-10 Tuesday

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Guantánamo Detainees Launch Hunger Strike to Protest Prison’s 10th Anniversary Detainees at the U.S. military base at…


Democracy Now! 2011-12-23 Friday

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U.S. Troops Charged After Fellow GI, Hazing Victim Danny Chen Found Dead in Afghanistan The family of…