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Syria Doomed? Invasion planned long ago

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Sibel Edmonds, founder of the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition, says sanctions will only provoke violence in Syria


Democracy Now! 2011-12-23 Friday

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U.S. Troops Charged After Fellow GI, Hazing Victim Danny Chen Found Dead in Afghanistan The family of…

Sarkozy uses ‘Armenian Genocide’ for reelection

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An interview with Allen Roland, online columnist

Syrians vow to defend national sovereignty

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Press TV’s Mohammad Ali reports from Damascus


Democracy Now! 2011-12-21 Wednesday

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Bradley Manning’s Defense Strategy on Display as Military Prosecutors Rest Case in Pretrial Hearing The pretrial military hearing…

Syrian Split: Rebels want foreign boots on ground, observers out

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The authorities say they are fighting extremist armed groups operating in the country

USA Iraq pullout-News Analysis

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Most Iraqis don’t have to wait for history to tell them that this war has left a devastating effect on their country

RT crew caught in rubber bullet and tear gas attack

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The attack was caught on camera, as RT’s Zaid Abu Shamaa had been preparing for a live cross with the studio in Moscow

Homes of War: Israel settlements set Palestine on fire

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Palestinian leaders say peace negotiations are impossible without a settlement freeze


Democracy Now! 2011-12-19 Monday

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Bradley Manning Hearing: Alleged WikiLeaks Whistleblower in Military Court, 19 Months After Arrest

Accusing Iran of 9/11 echoes Iraq scenario

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Analysts say it’s nothing but a cover-up, with Iran as a convenient fall guy

RT CrossTalk Bradley Manning´s Trials

CrossTalk: Bradley Manning’s Trials

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Bradley Manning – a hero or a traitor? – CrossTalking with Seton Motley, Bob Meola and Jason Branum

West looks over Syria shoulder to Iran intervention

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Political analyst Chris Bambery says many countries want to take over and use the popular revolution in Syria

Indefinite Detention: Architecture of fascist state

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The military will be able to take custody of alleged terrorists virtually without question

Nigel Farage: Bully Boys in Brussels Building Europrison

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Nigel Farage, MEP and leader of the UK independence party, says the hands of Eurozone strugglers are tied while they are trapped within the bloc

Academi of War: Blackwater back in Iraq for a little greenback

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Profitable opportunity for the world’s most infamous mercenary company – Blackwater

US launched unnecessary war in Iraq

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Interview with Eugene Bird, former US diplomat

Man of Mass Destruction? – RT challenges Iraq War architect

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Richard Perle is considered one of the most controversial figures in US politics