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Rebels in Syria inspired by US-American actions

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov

Snowden granted 1-year asylum in Russia, leaves airport

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Asylum status may be extended annually upon request

Lawyer: Gaddafi’s son may face execution after show trial in Libya

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International Criminal Court (ICC) has ruled that Libya must extradite Gaddafi to The Hague

US threatens nations aiding Snowden, Latin America welcomes whistleblower

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Nicaragua´s President Daniel Ortega: Snowden is welcome

Martin Luther King: I Have a Dream - Barack Obama: I Have Guantánamo

Day 150: Guantánamo hunger strike continues amidst world’s outrage

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Largest strike in the camp’s 11-year history

Johnny Depp mit Federschmuck in “The Lone Ranger”

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Regie führte Gore Verbinski, den Johny Depp bereits bestens aus den Fluch der Karibik-Filmen kennt

EU is heading in the wrong direction

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It’s France where disenchantment with the EU is rising fastest

CrossTalk: Syria – The Next Iraq?

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CrossTalking with Eric Draitser, Michael Hughes and Jason Pack

Kampagne zur Unterstützung des politischen Gefangenen in den USA Bradley Manning

I am Bradley Manning

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High-profile Americans take to YouTube to back Nobel petition

Bürgerrechtler Bradley Manning, politischer Gefangener in den USA

Court-martial trial for Bradley Manning over WikiLeaks

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US is anything but truthful or transparent

CrossTalk: Imperial Presidency

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Has Barack Obama turned the US into a police state?

100 Days of Guantánamo Hunger Strike

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There’s no end in sight to the protest

Outsourced: Mercs to replace US troops ahead of Afghan withdrawal

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Already far more contractors in Afghanistan than there are US troops

NATO-Staatsterror – Der Schattenmann

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Wer hat die Bommeleeër-Anschläge verübt?

Guantánamo: Torture & desperation with no end in sight

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Violent clashes with several inmates

USA want regime change in North Korea

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Anti-war activist Brian Becker: U.S. is trying to destroy historic political ties between Pyongyang and China

CrossTalk: Arrest Blair!

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Should politicians of all ranks be held accountable for their actions?

US F-22 jets join South Korea war games

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Situation on knife’s-edge

RT CrossTalk Bradley Manning´s Trials

Bill Keller von der New York Times verunglimpft Bradley Manning

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Aussagen eines Mannes, der sich völlig mit dem Staat identifiziert – von Naomi Spencer

Palestine: O-blah-blah-ma – US offers endless talks

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USA: settlement construction should not be a precondition for peace talks