Mali: War for untapped resources cause of chaos

US-Operation by AFRICOM - Pentagon’s hand behind French intervention in Mali

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I slamic terrorists are still holding an international group of hostages at a gas plant in Algeria, with the local military continuing their attempts to free the captives.

A number of civilians were killed during a blitz rescue attempt by Algerian forces – which drew anger from the international community.

Mali: War for untapped resources cause of chaos

Author and publicist F. William Engdahl says Mali’s turning into a geopolitical battleground – in a war for the region’s resources.

William Engdahl: „Well, I think the intervention in Mali is another follow-up to the French role in other destabilizations that we’ve seen, especially in Libya last year with the toppling of the Gadhafi regime. In a sense this is French neocolonialism in action.

But, interestingly enough, I think behind the French intervention is the very strong hand of the US Pentagon which has been preparing this partitioning of Mali, which it is now looming to be, between northern Mali, where al-Qaeda and other terrorists are supposedly the cause for French military intervention, andsouthern Mali, which is a more agricultural region.



Because in northern Mali recently there have been huge finds of oil discovered, so that leads one to think that it’s very convenient that these armed rebels spill over the border from Libya last year and just at the same time a US-trained military captain creates a coup d’état in the Southern capital of Mali and installs a dictatorial regime against one of Africa’s few democratically elected presidents.“


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