Automobildesign – Skulpturen auf Rädern

Gestaltung vor dem Windkanal

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L aszive Kurven und kultige Kanten zeigt das Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.
“Sculpture in Motion: the Masterpieces of Italian Design” heisst die Ausstellung und bietet alles, was Rang und Namen hat im klassischen italienischen Automobildesign von Ferrari bis Maserati.

Automobildesign – Skulpturen auf Rädern

From the grand classics of the 1930s to modern supercars of today, Italian designers have influenced the look of automobiles on a global scale.
Sculpture in Motion: Masterpieces of Italian Design will explore the many ways in which Italian coachbuilders and manufacturers have contributed to the evolution of the automobile from a collection of disorganized parts to a single, visually appealing unit.

Already well aware of the Italian contribution in the look of clothing, art, and architecture, museum visitors will be fascinated to learn that the country that gave the world Michelangelo and Botticelli also gave it the designers responsible for the exotic and inspired automobiles we have now come to expect from Italy.


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