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Palestine: Riyad Mansour addressed the media

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Riyad Mansour was addressing the media after meeting with the President of the Security Council about their plans for an open debate on the region later this month

US military mortuary scandal

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This has created additional heartache for the families of dead soldiers and Marines who died fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq

Atomic Games: Nuclear hide’n'seek in Iran

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Patrick Henningsen, associate editor for Info-wars website, talks to RT suggesting that the current situation in Iran is a new wave of power politics


Democracy Now! 2012-01-09 Monday

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Drones, Asia and Cyber War: Pentagon Shifts Priorities in New Review; Budget Still Exceeds Bush Era During the…

Irans Trumpf in Gefahr: Ölpipeline an Strasse von Hormus vorbei im Juni fertig

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Der Chef der iranischen Marine, Konteradmiral Habibulah Sayari, teilte seinerseits mit, die Militärs seien in der Lage, die Strasse zu sperren

Strait of Hormuz powder keg: US-Israel to meet Great Prophet?

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RT’s Paula Slier, who’s in Jerusalem, quotes Israeli military as saying this would be the biggest military games ever

USA presence fuels tensions in Persian Gulf

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Iran’s Army Commander has warned the US against returning its aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf

Iran Marine

Escobar: USA, Iran … 2012 will be hardcore

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Pepe Escobar, Asia Times correspondent told RT the year 2012 would be a hardcore one, mainly because of the US-Iran tensions

media manipulates world

Faking It: How the Media Manipulates the World into War

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The media has in fact been central to increasing tensions and preparing the public to expect a military confrontation – by James Corbett

Bahrain Revolution

USA and UK behind brutality in Bahrain

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Press TV has conducted an interview with Ralph Schoenman, author and political commentator

What is really going on in Syria?

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Syria is a strategic country in politics of the entire region

Iran threatens action if US returns to Persian Gulf

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Russia’s defence ministry says that despite the latest military exercise, the Iranians don’t have the technology to make intercontinental ballistic missiles

Democracy Now! 2012-01-02 Monday

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Behind the scenes, a battle is being waged by Republicans-not against each other, but against American voters

Big Brother Cab: Taxi CCTV to spy on passengers

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Authorities in the British city plan to install an audio and video surveillance system in every cab by 2015

Iowa & Pakistan-Double Standards

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Also on the show; Donald Trump pulls out of Republican presidential debate

Syria Doomed? Invasion planned long ago

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Sibel Edmonds, founder of the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition, says sanctions will only provoke violence in Syria


Democracy Now! 2011-12-23 Friday

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U.S. Troops Charged After Fellow GI, Hazing Victim Danny Chen Found Dead in Afghanistan The family of…

Syrians vow to defend national sovereignty

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Press TV’s Mohammad Ali reports from Damascus


Democracy Now! 2011-12-22 Thursday

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NATO Forced to Admit Airstrikes Killed Dozens of Libyan Civilians, Contradicting Initial Denials NATO has admitted for the…


Democracy Now! 2011-12-21 Wednesday

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Bradley Manning’s Defense Strategy on Display as Military Prosecutors Rest Case in Pretrial Hearing The pretrial military hearing…