Correa: Current world order not simply unfair, it’s immoral

It’s all about scrambling for power

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T he US debt is merely a fiction. The real problem lies in those who run the economy, because they protect the interests of the financial capitalists, Ecuadorian economist and President Rafael Correa told RT Spanish.

Correa believes that what he calls ‘supremacy of capital’ is what makes the world immoral.

Correa: Current world order not simply unfair, it’s immoral

The recent economic crises in the US and Europe did not undermine the foundations of their economies, as they retain the production capabilities, science and technology. Their problem is political.

“It’s all about scrambling for power,” Correa told RT. “This is a political rather than economic crisis; this is a problem of social accord,” he said about the US public debt crisis.

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Rafael Correa a RT: El imperialismo del siglo XXI son los dólares


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Correa: Current world order not simply unfair, it’s immoral

  1. Roberto Burgos 1. November 2013 - 17:58 #

    He is an intelligent President, A guy who works for his people, fights against corruption and burocracy ( difficult battle yet). Teach people how to live with dignity. That’s our President.
    If we could sell him to a nation, how much will we request for him? trillion dollars? hehehe. I bet for knowing another President in the world who make politics smartly with the retribution for his people.

  2. Nicholas Hazen 1. November 2013 - 18:43 #

    They’re not listening Matthew. But if ordinary folks could hear what President Correa has to say it might resonate enough to get something started.

  3. jorge 1. November 2013 - 18:51 #

    estamos sometidos a estos poderes del capitalismo todos los seres humanos del mundo entero, y ojala que tomemos conciencia de que somos gobernados como titeres en favor de estos intereses y no como seres humanos, invito a la reflexion a todos los europeos ya que ustedes han pasado por diferentes experiencias extraordinarias por asi llamarlas:( diferentes guerras); y tienen la EXPERIENCIA necesaria para poder tomar las desiciones necesariasa.


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