UK: Protesters break through security lines at G8

Factions of demonstrators attempted to get onto the grounds of the resort

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A round 700 protesters took over the tiny town of Enniskillen on Monday 17 to march against the G8 summit which is taking place at the Lough Erne resort nearby. The protesters shouted slogans such as “No justice, no peace, fuck the police”, “Anti-capitalista” and “No fracking” and the most daring even wore underwear over their trousers with “no fracking” written across them.

The bulk of the protesters were a coalition of The Irish Socialist Party, Fermanah Fracking Awareness Network and People Before Profit, who coached to the march from across the Ireland and the United Kingdom.

UK: Protesters break through security lines at G8

The march led protesters on a 2.5 mile (4km) route through the town’s winding streets, to the gates barricading the five star resort where the summit is taking place. Whereupon small factions of demonstrators attempted to get onto the grounds of the resort.
Once it materialized that the first fence, which from the distance appeared to be barbed wire, was in fact blunted steel, small numbers of protesters crossed into the grounds.

However, unable to make it over the second fence, which was heavily guarded by police, the remaining demonstrators left the site to catch their last coach home, without further incident.

The G8 summit, which will conclude on Tuesday 18, is an annual forum where representatives from the eight most powerful economies discuss global issues. The summit has incited disturbances and protests annually as discontented movements, aiming to challenge global injustices, come together to challenge the world’s most powerful.


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