Guantánamo hunger strike – Inmates cough blood, could go blind

Military censorship makes it quite difficult to access any information

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T he prisoners’ hunger strike at Guantánamo Bay is growing – which even US military officials now admit. But they still deny that inmates are being mistreated or that some lives are in danger, as lawyers claim. Hat’s more, the lack of response from humanitarian organizations is raising eyebrows, as Marina Portnaya explains.

Guantánamo: Inmates cough blood, could go blind

Despite the prisoners’ hunger strike at Guantánamo Bay being acknowledged by the US military, there has so far been little reaction from the international humanitarian organizations to the action, which enters its 42nd day on Tuesday.

The United Nations has yet to acknowledge or comment upon the Guantánamo hunger strike. RT has reached out to UN human rights bodies in Geneva and officials have promised to respond to the inquiry with a comment by Tuesday afternoon.

The only international organization to respond to what’s going on in Guantánamo is the Red Cross, which visited the island prison from February 18 to 23. It acknowledged that a hunger strike was really taking place, but so far all the organization has done is release a statement saying that „The ICRC believes past and current tensions at Guantánamo to be the direct result of the uncertainty faced by detainees“.

Guantánamo prisoners feel they are in living tomb

Military censorship makes it quite difficult to access any information about Gitmo prisoners. It was the attorneys for the detainees that first expressed urgency and grave concern over the life-threatening mass hunger strike that reportedly started in the Guantánamo Bay detention facility on February 6.


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