Debate: Attacking Iran, AIPAC, Israel-Palestine and Barack Obama

Tobin and Khalidi also debate the relationship between Iran and Syria

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P resident Obama addressed the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) on Sunday, assuring the pro-Israel lobbying group he will not tolerate a nuclear-armed Iran and reiterating his unwavering support for Israel.
As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets with Obama at the White House today, we host a debate between Rashid Khalidi of Columbia University and Commentary magazine’s Jonathan Tobin.

Democracy Now!: Debate: Attacking Iran, AIPAC, Israel-Palestine and Barack Obama

„It is true Iran does not have the weapon now, the question is are we going to wait until … they are one screwdriver away from doing it or not“, says Tobin. „Iran’s policy has been to forthrightly proclaim it wishes to destroy Israel — to wipe it off the map. Letting it have nuclear weapons is a threat to the entire region.“

But Khalidi argues that war with Iran „would guarantee that no responsible Iranian leadership in the future would allow Iran to be without a nuclear weapon after it had been attacked in an unprovoked fashion either by the U.S. or Israel.“
Khalidi adds, „It will be a disaster that would make Iraq and Afghanistan look like tea parties.“

Tobin and Khalidi also debate the relationship between Iran and Syria.


Rashid Khalidi, Edward Said Professor of Arab Studies at Columbia University’s Department of History and the author of several books, including Sowing Crisis: American Dominance and Iron Cage: The Story of the Palestinian Struggle for Statehood.

Jonathan Tobin, senior online editor of Commentary magazine. His latest article is called “What’s Missing from Obama’s AIPAC Speech? Red Lines on Iran and Palestinians.” Tobin’s columns have also regularly appeared in the Jerusalem Post and other sources.

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